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where to buy in gold in dubai

Where to buy gold in Dubai

Dubai is known as the City of Gold. One of the most thriving gold trading hubs in the world, and attracts attention from investors, as well as individuals looking to purchase high-quality, beautiful gold jewellery. If you’re visiting Dubai and you’re looking to buy gold, or you’re an investor considering dipping a toe into the gold market, this guide has everything you need to know about where to buy gold.

Buying gold in Dubai: What are my options?

Dubai is home to one of the world’s largest gold markets, it has a buoyant trading industry and draws visitors from all over the world looking to invest in gold or purchase unique items and collectables made from gold. If you’re looking to buy gold in Dubai, there are several options to explore, including:

1. Gold souks

Many people conjure up images of bustling markets and souks when they think about Dubai. This is a city synonymous with historic souks and haggling for a deal. The place to head if you want a plethora of vendors and a staggering array of products to choose from is Dubai Gold Souk, one of the largest and most high-profile gold markets in the world.

Souks comprise stalls, small shops and stands and they provide incredible opportunities to explore products, bargain with sellers and take in and enjoy a unique sensory experience. In Dubai, there are also myriad smaller souks that stock gold and other precious metals and gems.

2. Jewellery stores

Dubai is a veritable treasure trove of jewellery stores. Whether you’re looking to invest in gold jewellery or buy a piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one, the stores are the place to be if you’re keen to take advantage of high-quality pieces and exceptional customer service.

Dubai is a veritable treasure trove of jewellery stores

3. Buying gold online

Buying gold online has become increasingly popular in recent years. Reputable, reliable websites that buy and sell gold offer customers a simple, quick and easy way to invest in gold coins, bullion or jewellery or sell pieces at a fair price. If you like the idea of buying or selling with minimal hassle, buying gold online in Dubai may be an attractive proposition.

Buying physical gold in Dubai

One of the most appealing reasons to buy gold in Dubai is the range of investment gold options available. Not only is it possible to purchase gold from a range of different sellers, stores, markets and websites, but investors and collectors can also access a vast selection of physical gold products and assets. In Dubai, you can buy everything from gold bars and gold coins to spectacular gold jewellery.

Buying physical gold in Dubai

What to consider when buying gold in Dubai

There are several advantages to buying gold in Dubai, but it’s essential to follow guidelines to protect yourself and make sure you buy high-quality pieces and get the best prices. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Reliable dealers: When you buy gold in Dubai, always ensure that you do business with reliable dealers. Research dealers, read verified reviews, ask for recommendations and ask to see verification and proof. Buy products that come with a guarantee or warranty. Examples of reliable dealers in Dubai include iGold.ae.

  2. Quality assurance: The value of gold depends largely on the quality of the metal and its purity. When you’re looking to buy gold in Dubai, always ensure that you purchase items from reliable sellers. You should be able to verify the quality and purity of the item, check its authenticity and see the level of craftsmanship involved. The higher the quality of the gold, the higher the price.

  3. Price transparency: If you are investing in physical gold, or you want to purchase gold jewellery in Dubai, it is crucial to make sure you have an understanding of how values are calculated and to research current market values and trends. If you’re entering into a negotiation, for example, ensure that you understand the current market value of gold and check additional charges or fees that may impact profit margins and total costs. Always check the returns policy or ask about warranties and guarantees to protect your purchase if something goes wrong.

  4. Negotiation: Dubai is a global gold hub, which attracts crowds from all corners. People who visit Dubai to buy gold want to grab a bargain or secure a smart investment. Negotiation and haggling are integral to life in the souks and markets and are expected. The price for the physical gold content of a piece is set by the UAE Government but additional costs such as for manufacture, the inclusion of stones and delivery, are all negotiable. If you’re looking to buy, be prepared to make offers to get the best price possible. Research prices, take the time to check the quality of the piece before you put a price on it and start low without being insulting. If you go in too high, you can’t then drop the price, and you could lose out.


Dubai is one of the best places to buy gold in the world. Whether you’re investing or buying gold for personal use, it’s important to explore your options in terms of where to buy gold in Dubai and to follow guidelines to protect your money and ensure you purchase high-quality pieces at a fair price.

By iGold. Published on 10th May 2023.